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About Me

Although all my academic qualifications have been in the areas of Media & Communications, my life has been varied, where I have worked as a property consultant/developer; financial consultant, freelance graphic designer and document expert. Over the years, I have also given much of my time to charitable causes mostly in a creative capacity.

My fascination with media and communications is endless. I chose to study this area because it incorporates the creative and technological. Media is integral to our lives, so profusely it exists around us, its presence is often taken for granted. However, understanding how it works and how it effects our lives, be that centrifugal or centripetal, is interesting. In particular, the area of new media is a key interest. As technological advances and innovations progress, the significance of this medium in our society is of integral importance.

I have studied the media since the early ‘90’s. I hold a BSc(Hons) in Media & Communications, and am an alumnus of the London School of Economics, where I gained an MSc in Media & Communication Regulations
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